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CYRANO Character List

Cryano-145x72Cyrano is a huge play. Five acts, five different locations over 15 years.  Over fourty named parts.  Seven Principals, seventeen featured roles and twenty ensemble parts. Many parts will be doubled.  Ensemble actors that play flute, recorder, strings, lute / guitar are needed.  There is singing.  There is stage combat. Cyrano, Valvert, the Guardsman and the Muskekteer must fence and will be taught if needed.  The entire play is in verse.  This is going to be fun!

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Character Male / Female Principal / Featured / Ensemble Description
Cyrano de Bergerac   Male Principal The main character of the play. He is a soldier, poet, philosopher, and scientist — a man of immense courage, versatility, and talent. He has an enormous nose and is very sensitive about it. He is an expert swordsman and challenges anyone who mentions his nose. He jealously guards his intellectual freedom, even though he suffers poverty. His integrity and innate nobility of spirit are the theme of the play. Stage combat and fencing required.
Roxane  Female Principal Cyrano’s cousin, a beautiful, brillant woman with whom Cyrano, Christian and de Guiche are in love. She falls in love with Christian's beauty and (though she is unaware of it) Cyrano's mind. She is highly educated in language, manners, and dress. Christian is afraid that she would not love a plain-spoken man.  Cyrano is afraid that because of his nose, she would refuse him.
Christian de Neuvillette   Male Principal Christian is a handsome but simple young nobleman who lacks wit and intelligence. Brave in battle, he is inarticulate when talking with women.  New to Paris and to the cadets, he falls in love with Roxane and joins Cyrano’s company of cadets early in the play.
Comte de Guiche   Male Principal A powerful, cynical, married nobleman in love with Roxane and not fond of Cyrano.  Richelieu's nephew, he wants Roxane as his mistress, and wishes her to marry Valvert. He is practical an very political.  Solely for revenge against Christian and Cyrano, he sends the Gascony Guards to almost certain death.
Ragueneau  Male Principal Cyrano’s friend, Ragueneau is a pastry chef with a deep love for poetry. He gives away pastries in return for poems, and, therefore, innumerable poets visit him frequently.  A man of poor luck, he loses his wife, and his bakery.
Le Bret  Male Principal Cyrano’s friend and closest confidant, Le Bret is a fellow soldier and guardsman. He worries that Cyrano’s principles will ruin his career, but Cyrano ignores Le Bret’s concerns.
Duenna / Sister Marthe  Female Principal Roxane's chaperon and attendant.  She aranges meetings between Roxane, Cyrano and Christian.  Easily bribed with pastries and sweets.  Later in the play she joins a convent and is known as Sister Marthe.
Carbon de Castel-Jaloux  Male Featured The commander of the Gascony Guards.  Cyrano’s friend and the captain of his company, de Castel-Jaloux is a strong-willed and successful leader.
Vicomte de Valvert   Male Featured A viscount who insults Cyrano by referring to his nose. He is the man De Guiche wants Roxane to marry. It is he with whom Cyrano duels while composing a poem.   Stage combat and fencing required.
Lise  Female Featured The unfaithful wife of Ragueneau.
Monifleury  Male Featured An overweight actor, one of Roxane's suitors. He has incurred Cyrano's displeasure and has been forbidden by Cyrano to act on the stage for three weeks.
Bellerose  Male Featured Manager of the theater that Cyrano closes by not allowing Montfleury to act.
]odet  Male Featured A comedian in the same theater.
Cuigy  Male Featured A minor nobleman and hanger-on, Cuigy is always at the fringe of Paris nightlife.
Ligniere Male Featured Christian’s friend, Lignière is a satirist and drunkard with many powerful enemies. Cyrano protects him from the hundred men hired by de Guiche to ambush him.
Brissaille  Male Featured Cuigy’s friend, Brissaille is a minor nobleman.
Mother Marquerite  Female Featured Mother Superior of Roxane’s convent, Marguérite de Jésus is compassionate. She admires and respects Cyrano and therefore allows him to visit whenever he wishes.
Sister Claire  Female Featured Nun in the convent where Roxane goes to live.
Foodseller  Female Featured A seller of food in the theater
Flowergirl  Female Ensemble A seller of flowers in the theater
Actress Female Ensemble A member of the acting company
Theophraste Renaudot  Male Ensemble A self-important poet
Capuchin Male Featured A dim witted  monk
Bertrandou (flute player) Male Ensemble A musician - Flute or Recorder ideal
Doorkeeper  Male Ensemble At the theater
Cavalryman  Male Ensemble A patron of the theater -  Stage combat and fencing required.
Musketeer  Male Featured A patron of the theater -  Stage combat and fencing required.
a Guard  Male Ensemble A patron of the theater - there to see the flower girl
a Fat Man  Male Ensemble A patron of the theater - eating before the performance
a Citizen  Male Featured A patron of the theater - a little pompus
His Son  Male Featured A patron of the theater
a Drunkard  Male / Female Ensemble A patron of the theater - having a good time
a Pickpocket  Male Featured Working the theater crowd
Flunkey 1 Male Ensemble Works for the theater - Guitar / Flute / Violin ideal
Flunkey 2 Male Ensemble Works for the theater - Guitar / Flute / Violin ideal
Page / Child 1 Male / Female Ensemble A patron of the theater
Page / Child 2 Male / Female Ensemble A patron of the theater
First MARQUIS Male Ensemble A patron of the theater
Second MARQUIS Male Ensemble A patron of the theater
Cooks (3 to 6) Male Ensemble Cooks and apprentices in Ragueneau's Bakery
Poets (3 to 5) Male Ensemble Begger Poets that Ragueneu feeds
Cadets (5 to 8) Male Ensemble Improverished Gascon Barons in the Gascony Guards
Spanish Officer Male Ensemble Off-stage voice demanding the surrender of the Gascony Guards
Spectorators / Crowd Male / Female Ensemble At the theater
Nuns Female Ensemble Nuns in the convent where Roxane goes to live.




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