• Have a great summer!  We're also taking a break 

    After nine years, twenty-nine productions, and fifty-five awards, Marin Summer Theater is giving the creative team the summer off, so there will be no MST productions in 2018.  We look forward to making insanely great theatre with you, and for you in the future! 

    2018 BackSoon Shows

Once In A Lifetime Roles

Once In A Lifetime is a huge comedy, with more than 30 speaking roles (more than many musicals).  Here is a complete listing.

George Lewis A young vaudeville actor.  Good natured, but not very smart.
May Daniels A comon-sense vaudeville actress with a dry sense of humor.
Jerry Hyland A magnetic young vaudeville actor. Sharp, funny, looking for a break.
The Porter An observer of life, very dry sense of humour.
Helen Hobart Aggressive, talkative gossip columnist.
Susan Walker A small town girl who wants to be an actress.  Not very talented
Cigarette Girl Staff at a Hollywood hotel, wants to be in pictures
Coat Check Girl Staff at a Hollywood hotel, wants to be in pictures
Phyllis Fontaine A silent movie star, whose voice sound like nails on a blackboard.
Miss Fontaine's Maid Wants to be in pictures
Florabell Leigh Another silent movie star whose voice sound like nails on a blackboard
Miss Leigh's Maid Wants to be in pictures
Miss Leigh's Chauffeur Wants to be in pictures
Bellboy Staff at a Hollywood hotel, wants to be in pictures
Mrs. Walker Susan's mother, very protective
Ernest Head Waiter at a Hollywood hotel
Herman Gloguer Good natured, nervous moving picture producer.
Miss Leighton The studio receiptionist.  Very ditzy .
Lawrence Vail A serious playwight from New York
Weisskopf A studio executive
Meterstein A studio executive
First Page A studio page
Second Page A studio page
Secenario Writer One Studio employee
Secenario Writer Two Studio employee
Secenario Writer Three Studio employee
Rudolph Kammerling A brusque, exicable German
First Electrician Studio employee
Second Electrician Studio employee
A Voice Pupil An Actress
Mr. Flick Studio employee
Miss Chasen Studio employee
First Camerman Studio employee
Second Camerman Studio employee
The Bishop A not so holy actor
The First Bridesmaid Actress on a film
The Second Bridesmaid Actress on a film
The Third Bridesmaid Actress on a film
The Fourth Bridesmaid Actress on a film
The Fifth Bridesmaid Actress on a film
The Sixth Bridesmaid Actress on a film
Script Girl Studio employee
George's Secretary Studio employee
Mixer Studio employee
1st Light Man Studio employee
2nd Light Man Studio employee
Truckman Studio employee




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