MST 2012 Donors

The following angels, individuals, organizations, and businesses have generously contributed to Marin Summer Theater in 2012.  These donations are used by MST to reduce tuition costs while maintaining the highest possible production values.



    Marin County Board of Supervisors
    Frankie Poulos Foundation
    Pam and Mitch Nichter



    Rosanna Chenette
    Lisa Conlon



    Alan Byrne
    Eileen Grady
    Emily Gates
    Jackie GC
    Jane White
    Kele Gasparini
    Mr. & Mrs James Lang
    Paula Foley



    Alison Peltz
    Ana Gamez
    Barbara Roddie
    Britt Block
    Eric Quinn
    Jim & Kelly Poulos
    John Carr
    Kathy Eggert
    Pat Fusco
    Raymond Grech
    Stacye Bramblett
    Sylvia Barry
    Vickie Sutton-Beattie



    Bouket Fingerhut
    Brent Ainsworth
    Cynthia Garrett
    Erika M Gulick Smith
    Jhenette Stranne
    Jocelyn Roddie
    Kathleen Lehman
    Margie Houser
    Marilyn Zimmerman & Rob Mickel
    Martha Edelson / Madory
    Norma Zimmerman
    Philip Lehman-Brown
    Sarah Stahl
    Sherry Zagunis
    Vicki Sutton-Beattie



    Allison Keaney
    Gay White
    Jackie Garcia-Cotter
    Lorna Brindley
    Lynn Nichelini
    Marty Garcia-Cotter
    Megan O'Mara
    Michele Mason
    Rebecca Black
    Sam Levy
    Sam Mickel
    Thomas Sabido


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    About Marin Summer Theater

    Marin Summer Theater (MST) is an award winning non-profit theater company for students of performing arts between the ages of 13 and 23. The MST company prepares and presents three fully-staged productions in a six-week summer season. MST's mission is threefold: To present exciting, professional quality drama, musical theater and musical revue productions; to keep tuition as low as possible so that cost is not a barrier to participation; to create a diverse company of college and high school students.

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