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MST is ... Always asking for money

Scholarships vs FacilitiesEver wonder why MST is always asking for money? Here’s why:

1. We keep tuition as low as possible.*
2. We cast based on talent, not on ability to pay.**
3. We keep ticket prices affordable.***
4. Our facility costs have gone up by $10,000 a year since 2011. ****

In order for MST to continue, we need your help. If we don’t raise $5,000 in the next week (or can't find it someplace else), then we will be forced to choose between a.) changing our structure or b.) closing up shop after the 2016 season.

Don’t let 2016 be the last year of MST. Over the next seven days we will finish our trip down memory lane and also show you the future of MST. Make MST part of your story. Give today.

* MST tuition fees are half that of similar companies.  Over 50% of the MST Company work or attend summer classes.

** In eight years we’ve given 171 scholarships and mentorships, and never refused a student for inability to pay.
*** We actually reduced ticket prices this year based on feedback from our audience and company members.
**** Rising facility expenses are choking off our ability to fund scholarships and mentorships.


Be part of the story, give to MST today.

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Be part of the story by giving to MST. In making a contribution you become a member of our company, and you have the satisfacation of knowing that you are part of a family that values truth, beauty and the expression of the human experience.

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