Audition / Apply

Audition / Apply


To apply for the Marin Summer Theater 2017 Season, follow this simple process.

2. Get your confirmation
3. Watch for the Audition Dances & Principal Sides in early March (performers)
4. Have your audition or interview
5. Kill It.

Here are the details.  


1 - Submit your application asap!

Want to get your in-person audition or interview date? Check the calendar to see if you have any conflicts, then apply. You'll fill out a form with information about you and your basic contact information. Click here to start the application.   

Be sure to email your resume, photo release and parental waiver (if needed) to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., at least one day before your interview or one week before your audition. .

In-Person auditions are on April 2 and 9 at Rhythms Performing Arts Center in Novato, CA.  In-Person audition dates are given to applicatants only on a first come first serve basis. Recorded auditions are due by April 9, 2017.


2 - Watch for your audition / interview confirmation.

You'll get an email from us within a few days acknowledging your application confirming your audition / interview time.


3 - Watch for Audition Dances & Principal Audition Sides (if you are a performer) and prepare.

In early March we'll notify all registered applicants when the audition dance videos and principal audition sides are on-line. You'll be able to watch and download them from this website.

Click here for information about in-person audition requirements.

Click here for information about recorded auditions requirements.

4 - Have your audition or phone interview (if you are not a performer).

We'll call you at the confirmed interview time to talk with you about your interests, skills and experience.  You'll hear back from us after the interview to let you know if you've been invited to join the 2017 company.  


5 - Kill It.

We want you to show us your best. Don't wait to the last minute to prepare for your auditions (if a performer) and interviews (creative team, tech or musician). Company invitations will start going out in mid-April and the Company will be officially announced in early May.

Ready to get started? You can fill out the application now by clicking here

Click here for FAQ questions on rehearsals, performance schedules and other stuff.

You can also send us any questions by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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About Marin Summer Theater

Marin Summer Theater (MST) is an award winning non-profit theater company for students of performing arts between the ages of 13 and 23. The MST company prepares and presents three fully-staged productions in a six-week summer season. MST's mission is threefold: To present exciting, professional quality drama, musical theater and musical revue productions; to keep tuition as low as possible so that cost is not a barrier to participation; to create a diverse company of college and high school students.

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