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"I learned things about performing I'll be using for the rest of my life."

"Thank you MST for a million hours of hard work and a billion wonderful memories!" 


Swe40009"A beneficial learning experience any star hopeful would kill for"

"For me, the best part of the program was the professionalism both from the directors and the performers. Everyone remained focused throughout the summer, and treated one another with respect. It was also great to meet people from other schools as it kept the acting fresh and just made the rehearsals more fun."


 SMMD0027"The best part of the program for me was being able to work with so many different people I wouldn't have gotten the chance to work with anywhere else. The bringing together of all these performers, tech, orchestra, and more from different areas is 

SMMD0071"I now understand the 'spirit' of performing, and how to honor the authors, the work, and our own contributions to what we were doing."

"The best part about the program was the amazing variety, it felt very exciting, like there was always something to do. Play, review, musical, tech, orchestra, etc. And I loved how so many people did so many different things. I think the program brought out the best in everyone because it stretched their abilities."

 "The people - by far - were the best thing for me. While the shows were amazing, I made too many new friends for the best part to be anything but the wonderful new theater geeks I met." 


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About Marin Summer Theater

Marin Summer Theater (MST) is an award winning non-profit theater company for students of performing arts between the ages of 13 and 23. The MST company prepares and presents three fully-staged productions in a six-week summer season. MST's mission is threefold: To present exciting, professional quality drama, musical theater and musical revue productions; to keep tuition as low as possible so that cost is not a barrier to participation; to create a diverse company of college and high school students.

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